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soutez-fb-final-ENG-layersWeatherStream is a family oriented site, so there are several rules you must abide by when it comes to submitting your photos for voting. Be aware, these rules must be adhered by at all times, and any deviations from them will result in the removal of your photos, as well as the deletion and banning of your account/ip. We want to make this process as fair as we can to everyone involved, therefore we have taken into account any and all possible angles that we can cover in order to ensure the best possible experience for both the photographers and the voters involved. Be sure you understand these rules before entering the contest, as this will be your only warning as to how to participate and win prizes and promotions. Be advised that the Admins may also take action against behaviors which they deem harmful to other members, with a zero tolerance policy in place.

Current Rules

  1. Any photographer wishing to submit their photos for consideration must be over the age of 13 (or 18 if required by your local laws).
  2. Photographs must be of high quality, and be focused on nature/weather. Selfies will not be considered, and may be posted on our ugly mug wall of shame at our discretion! (Just Kidding... About the wall of shame part.)
  3. Theft of other's photographs will be strictly prohibited. You cannot submit a photo on behalf of a friend, nor can you alter parts of an image to make it appear as your own. WeatherStream will do reverse photo lookups to confirm photo credentials, so be aware.
  4. Please place a form of watermark on your photo prior to submission. Photos without watermarks from their original producer will be rejected. Applying a watermark is as simple as using any paint program to place your name on the photo.
  5. When submitting photos, please do so under your legal name, and not a company name. We realize some folks have tornado tour companies, however, photos without your real name on them will be rejected.
  6. There is a limit of 5 photos per person to be submitted per contest. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to submit only the ones you would like for voting.
  7. There is no strict policy as to usage of photo. Therefore, you can share and upload any photos used for submission anywhere you wish. We do not own the rights to photos that are uploaded.
  8. There is no limit on the number of votes that can be received on any particular photo. However, there is a strict limit of 1 vote per person per photo. This policy does not change.
  9. Please ensure that your photo is no larger than 2400x2400 pixels, and 4MB in file size.


The No-Nos

  • Do not make fun of, troll, insult, or otherwise talk down to any photographers.
  • Do not steal photos from the photographers.
  • Do not attempt to cheat the system of voting.
  • Do not insult the admins for rejecting photos.
  • Do not attempt to submit pornography.
  • Do not attempt to submit photos that are note nature/weather related.
  • Do not use business names to submit photos.
  • Do not place business advertisements on your photos.
  • Do not place website addresses on your photos. There is a section for adding that if anyone wishes to visit your portfolio.
  • Do not submit a photo if you are under 13 years of age (18 in some areas).