So, the dynamics are finally coming together to show our most likely scenario as explained 4 days ago. Snow will be kept far north, as no real mechanism to lock the cold air in place will be evident. The cooling that does take place will most likely come from evaporative cooling, in which the air cools as heavier precipitation falls through it. This could lead to some mixing of flakes far north into northern New Hampshire and Vermont.

Elsewhere, heavy rains and high winds may be an issue, with region wide wind gusts expected to be between 35 to 50 mph, with some areas seeing higher gusts closer to the coasts. This will be enough to cause scattered power outages and cause some tree damage. Ensure you have your generators ready and food stocked just in case.

Rainfall potential is for 1 to 2 inches area wide, with a few areas seeing slightly more. This could be enough to cause poor drainage flooding on roadways, so be careful if you come across areas of water. Also, high tide cycles could bring in some minor coastal flooding, especially in areas prone to it.

More updates will be coming soon.