A UND student tries to keep dry on campus as steady wet snow continues to fall Wednesday. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald
GFS depiction of possible weekend storm. Source: TropicalTidbits.Com

A lot of scenarios have been building within the meteorology/weather world for a possibility of an early-season NorEaster shaping up for the northeast by next weekend. Plenty of solutions have been posted, and outcomes compiled to show a storm signal closer to the coast. However, this is not set in stone, as the phasing of the storm (which essentially controls how close the precipitation gets to the coastline) is still not certain.

If this storm system takes an optimal track scenario, which could be the case according to some model runs, it could paste the interior of New England and New York state with early season snows. Accumulation potentials are not of any concern at this time, as we need to seek the dynamics of the storm to determine if snow is even possible at first! Temperatures will be marginal in many areas, as a few cold fronts will push through the area prior to next weekend, setting the stage for some cold air being close to the area. This would mean any large scale storm dynamics could easily pull the colder air from north to south, setting the stage for precipitations that looks more white than wet!

We will be following the model runs during the next couple of days to determine the chances of a snow event, however, we do feel at this time that we will not see snow all the way to the 95 corridor if there is snow.