Grand Re-Opening

Hey, Folks! There have been a lot of issues as of recent that has caused the site to come to a screeching halt, mainly changing it to a social media platform. This was very narrow, and we weren’t expecting too much response from it. This turned out to be the case, as minimal people signed up and the content stagnated. So, we struggled to figure out what we could do to make it more user friendly, and not have to lack on content. The result was changing the website to what it was meant to be, a media hub for weather and climate!

  • Members can now upload videos, post video links, and create their own channels and series!
  • Content rating so users can find the most relevant content for them!
  • An approval system for moderators to ensure content meets guidelines, and nothing unrelated sneaks through!
  • All weather and climate all the time!
  • Unlimited posting potential!
  • YOU own your content!

I do hope this makes it a bit clearer as to our goal here. We do distribute across our vast social media accounts to ensure visibility and connection to those searching for your content!

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