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We have implemented the area where it shows the newest post made by a blog over our network. Please be aware that it only shows the most recent post made by your blog on this area, therefore, making multiple posts in a short amount of time will only show the most recent. We have done […]

Winter Weather

Ice, Rain & Snow in Northeast

An interesting day will shape up today as a stream of moisture moves over a colder dome of air at the surface in the Northeast. Some snow, freezing rain, and just plain rain can be expected across the entire area, with just a glaze of ice expected. However, this glaze may strike during the PM […]

Blizzard Warnings Along East Coast

New England: Nor’Easter For Today

Winter Weather: What’s What?


Why the Lack of Snow in Southern New England?

Many folks, including those based in New York City (which really isn’t New England, but close enough to discuss), have been wondering where the snow has been this year. Minus a few minor events into those areas, and a quick blizzard for eastern New England, nothing has really developed or hit the region this year. […]

New Years Forecast Summary

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